Treatment Room

Treatment Room

Sports Therapy is a great treatment if you are suffering from immediate and long standing injuries, also the treatment is recommended if you suffer from repetitive strain injury. Sports Therapy isn’t just for athletes, it is very beneficial if you suffer from aches and pains from any activity.

The treatment uses massage techniques alongside sports therapy techniques to pinpoint any areas of pain and helps to relieve discomfort and tension. Treatments assists in removing any build up of waste products such as lactic acid and any knotted muscles as well as helping to relax the nervous system. Sports massage also helps improve joint flexibility and lengthen the muscles.

Our in house sports therapist Sophie Rowe of Smart Injury Clinic is available for treatments,

Sophie graduated as a Sports Therapist from the University of Gloucestershire with full honours in 2016 and then continued to develop her knowledge further by studying for a Masters also in Sports Therapy. Sophie is fully insured and accredited through The Society of Sports Therapists.

Sophie can provide injury examination and assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for clients with both sporting and non-sporting backgrounds. The sole aim of what Sophie does is to get clients back to optimal functional, good occupational health and sport specific fitness.

Sophie has the skills and knowledge to deal with musculoskeletal injuries through hands-on treatment, patient education and rehabilitation.

Treatment modalities that Sophie can offer following an injury examination and assessment are:

  • Sports massage
  • Spinal and peripheral mobilisations
  • Electrotherapy
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Myofascial cupping
  • Exercise prescription

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Sophie has experience working in both a sporting and clinical environment, providing treatment to a large variety of people of all ages.

Message her now for an appointment and get yourself feeling and moving better.

Contact Sophie direct on 07791 900 221 or to make an appointment. Facebook logo